Achieved one million overnight stays, surpassing 2019 results

July 1, 2022. So far, tourism in Poreč has developed admirably, with one million overnight stays now realized, bringing better results than the record-breaking pre-pandemic year 2019.

As Morski writes, according to the highly regarded Croatian tourist registration system eVisitor, the magnificent Istrian city of Poreč reached its millionth tourist overnight stay on June 28, 2022. Since the beginning of this year, 225,000 people have arrived in Poreč. a tourism “picture” that is 5 percent more than in 2019, which is the pre-crisis year that we all constantly compare everything to in 2022.

An excellent pre-season period filled with numerous sporting events has resulted in the height of the summer tourist season, and 50 percent of all the guests that make up Poreč’s tourism statistics are guests from Germany and Austria, followed by neighboring Slovenes, guests from other regions. Croatia, as well as Italians.

“These are exceptional results,” said Nenad Velenik, director of the Poreč City Tourism Board, noting that this number was realized on the same day as the record-breaking 2019, even though Poreč has fewer places to stay than in 2019 because two hotels are currently closed.

Judging by the number of overnight stays realized in this popular Istrian town, Poreč is looking forward to a great rest of the tourist season this year.

“We achieved excellent occupancy rates throughout the pre-season, as well as throughout June, with over 510,000 overnight stays. Sports events associated with the arrival of large sports groups contributed to our above-average pre-season performance, which by some measures was 30 percent better than at the same time in the record-breaking 2019.

The German and Austrian markets dominate Poreč as a destination, which gives us an advantage in terms of our successful marketing activities in cooperation with regional tourist boards. There have also been very encouraging results in the nearby Italian market, which is back to what it used to be again and it seems that the trend of Croatian guests from other parts of the country speaks in favor of the fact that during the two coronavirus-prevailing years we still succeeded to lure away the local population, whose numbers combined are up to 32 percent better than in 2019,” said Velenik, who, given the rate of capacity filling in July and August, expects a better year for tourism in Poreč than 2019.

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