Afternoon Insider: Big linemen on hand, tourists coming from California

Clemson hosted a number of prospectuses on Saturday.

on David Hood

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CLEMSON. Saturday afternoon session was a bit different from what we are used to seeing in
Dabo Sweeneyschool camp.

As the temperature soared, the number of vacationers began to increase, and the first two arrived by golf cart with recruiting assistant Zack Fulmer. Four-star midfielder Kua Birdsong and four-star defender Noah Dixon, both LaGrange (Georgia) Trope County, were close at hand. Birdsong is a 2024 perspective with offerings from Ole Miss, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame.

The slender Birdsong weighs in at 180 pounds but has plenty of room for extra weight. Dixon received an offer from Clemson as early as June 1.

* In place of protection, Thompson Field practiced under the close attention of a defensive tackle coach Nick Eason. Thompson, a 2024 4-star from Norcross (GA) Meadowcreek, left with Clemson’s offer. His list of offerings also includes schools such as Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Miami, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Oregon.

*Another promising defensive player is Malik Blockton from 2024. It didn’t work. Auburn and Arkansas are his biggest offerings.

* In a wide receiver location, I was impressed with the prospect of 2025 with huge potential. John Simmons (6-4, 175) of Myrtle Beach trained with a receiving coach Tyler Grisham. He has a long stride and a great break from the line. He also plays basketball and is still raw at some points, but getting him on campus and letting him work with Grisham is a big deal.

*We were looking for 4-star offensive gear in 2024. Cam Pringle Dorchester (South Carolina) Woodland. Pringle, who received Clemson’s offer 10 days ago, didn’t work. He spent time with coaches, including head coach Dabo Sweeney, before leaving around midway through practice. (I left when the 1v1 meetings started and he left with me). He was at his uncle’s side. More about his visit later.

*Interesting Nugget Training – Corner Trainer Mike Reid watched an exercise in one corner that used the reverse pedal and had prospects jump rope on one leg. He told him that he needed to use three steps to change the direction of the reverse pedal exit when he should have used two. He said losing a step at that level could be costly. Then he told him to get rid of the rigor mortis in his hands—he clenched his hands like Fred Sanford from his arthritis—and told him to relax.

* I will have more later, but I wanted to leave one more note. There was a family there that did the hike from Sacramento, California with two 2023 prospects (one quarterback and one running back). They were at UCLA and Southern California camps, but he wanted to bring them east and thought Clemson was the perfect camp to be seen…


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