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A short guide for parents who would like to give their child’s teacher a year-end gift.

This is the same unchanging tradition as a fair or a children’s New Year’s performance: at the end of the school year, it is customary to present a small gift to your child’s teacher. . After all, if at the spring parental celebrations you were treated to a magnificent pasta necklace or an exquisitely designed pencil holder, then this is primarily thanks to her or him. Of course, this is not necessary – education is a public service. In order not to screw up, a week before the summer holidays, Release asked a few teachers to give you ideas for small gifts that will really make them happy.

We avoid:

– Cash. It’s impersonal, and the teacher may get the unpleasant impression that you’re tipping him.

– Orchids. Giving a gift requiring such care should be against the law.

– Perfume. Too often we are mistaken when we do not know well the person to whom we intend the bottle.

– Any trinkets. “He makes noise in the garbage chute” recognizes under the seal of secrecy a teacher from Ile-de-France.

– Bags, cups, pumpkins… stamped with “best housewife”, “supermaster” or other formula with a little cuckoo-la-praline. On the one hand, it is not very environmentally friendly to breed, especially bags and water bottles, and on the other hand, teachers get so many of them that they no longer know what to do with them.

– Pencil cases and pots. We are not only lovers says the 30-year-old teacher.

We do :

– A cookie or cake set that the teacher can make whenever he sees fit. In a fairly transparent jar (a Le Parfait jar can be used as a large jar of washed and dried jam), place the ingredients needed for the recipe – flour, baking powder, chocolate chips… anything that isn’t fresh, like eggs. – in successive layers. We glue the label made by ourselves and add a small note with instructions. As a bonus, you can delegate the making of this gift to your child or cook it together, and have fun with the instruction text, which you can personalize as you wish.

– If we know the teacher well enough, we can drop this idea with a set of mojitos (then we put in a small basket, for example, a bottle of rum, a bottle of sparkling water, a good bunch of mint, a few limes). and a bottle of liquid cane sugar).

– A bouquet of flowers or fruits (last cherry, first raspberry, etc.) from your garden.

– Homemade cookies, especially if you have mastered the art of decorating pastry. “The best…


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