Are you planning to travel? Why It’s Important to Consult a Travel Consultant

Sara Stecker, Travel Advisors Unlimited

Let’s talk about travel.

Over the past 10 years, the small business industry has been hurt by “quick click” booking systems available online.

Remember those times when you could call or come in to see your local travel advisor (a real person), sit down, establish a personal relationship, and create the amazing vacation you still talk about today? Now you’re worried about making sure you’re entering the correct dates and ordering your booking numbers! Remind you if you booked transfers and also insurance just in case?

Oh, and most importantly, do you have any ideas – apart from reviews – where the hotel is located, if it is safe, will it satisfy all your needs? Yes, I bet you think you should have called your local travel consultant.

Let’s talk about one of the latest travel trends we’re seeing: the return of cruises!

Since the first stop sailing order at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cruise ships have faced many challenges, including forced shutdowns and significant loss of revenue. However, this all seems to be changing as passengers are excited and ready to cruise again! This, combined with the CDC’s retraction of its anti-cruise travel advisory, resulted in record cruise bookings in March 2022.

More ships are returning to the sea, and many destinations from the Caribbean to Alaska are expecting to see a boom in cruise travel this year. Several cruise operators, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Disney Cruise Line, have even launched new ships in the wake of the pandemic.

To minimize risk and reassure passengers, most cruise lines require proof of vaccinations or COVID testing before a cruise. Requirements vary by age and cruise operator and are constantly updated to reflect the latest CDC guidelines and government directives. This is the main reason to consider using the services of a travel agency for your upcoming adventures, including cruises. In addition to keeping you informed of the latest policy changes, we also receive ongoing feedback on current cruise conditions, either by traveling ourselves or by getting feedback from our guests who are traveling. This allows us to provide our clients with the latest advice to make the most of their experience on board and in port.

Why are we? Travel Advisors Unlimited LLC is a full service local travel agency offering theme park packages, all inclusive Caribbean holidays, private tours, wedding/honeymoon planning, domestic and international travel and of course cruises!

Sara Stecker, CEO and Founder based in St. Augustine, founded the company after more than a decade as a travel consultant for other agencies when she saw a major shift in the travel industry and the need for personal customer reassurance after… .

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