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The ART Toledo Committee (Renaissance of the Arts of Toledo) is pleased to announce the selection of artists for their fourth edition of Phantom Galleries. Tom Ettel, Melanie Price and Jeremy Burke have been selected as artists by Phantom Galleries and will exhibit their work at 181 S Main Street and 355 N Main Street in downtown Toledo. This round of artists will include photography, sculpture and mixed media art.

Phantom Galleries are small temporary art galleries set up in empty storefronts to give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the work of local and regional artists in a COVID-safe environment. The galleries not only bring Toledo’s main street to life, but showcase accessible street-level storefronts that are ripe for new business development.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to come in and view these facilities. They will be available for viewing until July. ART Toledo is also launching an open application process (no deadlines) for future Phantom Gallery rounds. Anyone interested in applying to install Phantom Gallery can find the application online at https://tinyurl.com/toldeophantomartapp.

“Phantom galleries have really transformed a number of vacant buildings on Main Street,” said Paul Shuitema, executive director of the Lincoln County Economic Development Alliance. “Now comes the fun part of celebrating this wonderful city center and these great artists, and inspiring new businesses to join the Toledo business community. Come check it out and make a day out of it.”

The ART Toledo Committee is also announcing a competition to participate in the Art, Oyster and Brews summer events. These events will be held July 2, August 2. September 6th and 3rd and 4th at the corner of Graham and Main Streets in Toledo. The event provides an opportunity to enjoy local food, oysters, live music and art.

This is a great opportunity for local and regional artists to showcase and sell their work in a vibrant and fun festival atmosphere. Visitors come from all over the region to enjoy the public art, the murals, the Phantom galleries in Toledo, as well as see artist stands, listen to music, and taste local oysters and craft beers. There is a flat fee of $20 for a 10′ x 10′ space per event. Interested artists can fill out an application at https://tinyurl.com/toledoaobvendor. The deadline for applications is 23 June.

ART Toledo is a project launched by the City of Toledo and supported by local businesses, non-profits, the county and other stakeholders who are committed to revitalizing downtown to meet the needs of current residents and revitalize Toledo’s historic Main Street.

ART Toledo committee members include: Timbers Restaurant and Lounge, Crow’s Nest Gallery, Port of Toledo, Lincoln County Economic Development Alliance, Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society, Michael Gibbons Gallery, Yaquina River Art Museum, Oregon Coast Visitors Association, local artists, Middle Toledo School, Toledo Chamber of Commerce, Bank of the West, community members and more.


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