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At l’Arpège, chef Alain Passard presents a lounge decorated with Lesage and Goossens.

Known worldwide for his three-star Michelin-starred restaurant l’Arpège, which serves gourmet vegetable dishes, Alain Passard opens a lounge in the basement, adorned by the embroiderer Lesage and the jeweler Goossens. Number met a French chef who revolutionized French gastronomy.

Restaurant L'Arpège by Alain Passard decorated with Lesage and Goossens.  © Julie Ansio

Restaurant L’Arpège by Alain Passard decorated with Lesage and Goossens. © Julie Ansio

In 2001, when his Parisian restaurant l’Arpège part of a short and prestigious list of Michelin-starred three-star restaurants, chef Alain Passard dares to do the unthinkable: remove red meat from his menu in order to give pride of place to vegetables. A revolution in complete break with the French culinary tradition, which comes from the personal approach of a chef who wants to find inspiration and develop his cuisine in a rarely explored land, in the plant world. Since that fateful year, a man who has established himself as a pioneer of vegetarian gastronomy has been the owner of vegetable gardens – Gros Chenet in Sarthe and Bois Giroux in Normandy – which provide him with all the necessary ingredients. serves today in his famous restaurant on the rue de Warenne. Twenty years later, Alain Passard’s cuisine has retained all of its panache and Michelin stars, with wildly creative dishes that combine flavors and textures in such an exquisite way that they leave an indelible mark on memories. To offer lovers of his cuisine an even more exceptional experience, Alain Passard recently created in the basement of the 16th-century restaurant a beautiful orangery decor, complemented by the know-how of Lesage and Goossens in embroidery and silversmithing. Linen fabrics embellished with Chef’s specialties (such as cucumber and herb carpaccio with basil, rose bouquet apple pie, strawberry and green onion salad with olive oil, or poivrade artichoke with white borage flower and lovage), painted and embroidered house of Lesage, decorate the vaulted structure of this place, on both sides of which grow graceful Virginia creepers with leaves of brass, gilded with pure gold, signed …

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