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Butter does not count Julien Biel

The profession of a journalist gives us great experiences, sometimes even a little unusual. Who would have thought that one day I would become an oil taster? This Wednesday, the province of Luxembourg organized the 3rd Raw Milk Farm Butter Competition, this year dedicated to salted butter from nine farms. Does it make you smile? Know well that the evaluation of the quality of nine pieces of butter cannot be improvised!

There were about ten of us to make up this jury. Before us were exhibited different tasting and rating criteria. In such a competition, several criteria are really taken into account, for example, appearance. The oil is really examined under a magnifying glass: its general appearance, its color, is it homogeneous or has a crispy, marbled, porous appearance… Also its “spreadability” is analyzed: is it very hard and is it easy to spread? Or vice versa loose, sticky, brittle? The smell and aroma of the oil are also examined: does it have a good nutty smell or, at worst, a rancid or musty smell?

As you can see, judging the quality of butter cannot be improvised and this is not a joke, however, when I saw this glass of cognac near my tasting tray, I expected a good toast of laughter. But this nice little detail (as they say) was actually important. And last but not least! Cognac allows you to burn off the fatty sensation of taste, but also and above all, to destroy sometimes too unpleasant tastes that can remain in the mouth and interfere with the rest of the tasting.

Like what, we find out every day, but be careful, it’s not about ending up oiled up for a cause!


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