Baz Luhrmann was inspired by Elvis Presley’s “cheesy” films | Entertainment

Baz Luhrmann credits Elvis Presley’s “cheesy” films as inspiration for his directing style.

The director’s latest project is a biopic about the music icon starring Austin Butler, and Baz spoke about his love for Elvis’ Hollywood career, which included films like 1953’s Love Me Tender, 1961’s Love Me Tender. Blue Hawaii” and “Long Live Las Vegas” in 1964.

Baz admitted to being a big fan of Elvis movies growing up in Australia, telling Who magazine, “When we had movies, Elvis was probably all the crappy movies that I thought were brilliant, and I’m starting to realize that maybe that’s why my films look like that.

The director admits that despite being a big Elvis fan in his younger years, his musical tastes changed later in life before he returned to The King.

He explained, “Of course I just liked the ’70s stuff, but then he went out of my life really hard and it was a lot of David Bowie and Elton and he kind of got around and there, but I wasn’t that big of a fan.” .

“It wasn’t like I was one of those ‘until the day I die, you’ll never say anything (bad) about Elvis’.” It’s outside of music, it’s become a cultural wallpaper, and (I) think my job was to just peel off the wallpaper…”

Baz recently revealed that he has filmed a four-hour director’s cut of his Elvis movie.

He told Collider.com, “I have the four hour version. I’m not supposed to say this, but I have… I have to do a two and a half hour version and I have to service the main art… It’s an assembly. It’s a completely different film.”


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