Boosting Economic Growth, Tourism High on New Alderman’s Sandwich Agenda – Shaw Local

Karsta Erickson was sworn in as Warden of the Third Ward on Sandwich City Council on Monday August. 1, filling the vacancy left by Brent Holcomb’s resignation.

Erickson will serve the remainder of Holcomb’s term and says he plans to run for a full term in April 2023.

Erickson has lived in Sandwich since he was three weeks old. As a child, she attended St. Mary’s School in Plano and graduated from Rosary High School in Aurora before completing a degree in criminal justice from the University of Aurora.

Erickson has worked and volunteered at the Fox Valley Community Center for nearly 30 years, currently working part-time as an assistant in their adult day care program.

Erickson has two sons, Kelsen (10) and Cohen (7), and is engaged. On the night his mother was sworn in, Erikson’s son, Kelsen, said kind words about his family and expressed his pride in his mother to the city council.

Mayor Todd Latham noted that Kelsen was likely the youngest member of the community to speak before city council.

Erickson said her priorities as alderman are to spur economic growth and tourism in Sandwich, and increase residents’ participation in local government.

Although she has not previously held a public office, she has had experience in the city council in the past. Erickson recalled that she had a problem with a neighboring business that was trying to build a structure on the edge of her property.

Erickson said she came to the council with her problem and was able to talk to her alderman after the meeting and resolve it.

“That’s what I want,” Erickson said. “I would like more citizens who have problems to come to the meetings.”

Erickson said she wants to boost the city’s economic growth by opening more businesses and restaurants and creating more jobs.


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