Busiest summer weekend in Oklahoma since 2019 despite higher gas prices.

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma AAA expects more than 510,000 Oklahomaans to travel this July holiday.

The company says this is probably the busiest summer weekend in Oklahoma since 2019.

This is because the pandemic has forced many to close their homes, and rising prices this year are forcing some to do the same.

“People don’t mind that…they don’t change their plans for anything right now,” said Leslie Gamble, AAA representative in Oklahoma.

Americans may be in the mood to travel this holiday weekend, but the cost and hassle isn’t for everyone.

“I just go home, set off fireworks in my backyard, that’s all,” said Elijah Roebuck, an Oklahoma resident.

The same goes for one family from Oklahoma, their July 4th will cook steaks at home.

“We’re heading home, we’re celebrating a birthday in Frontier City, so it’s a tiring day and we’re ready to go back to Hell,” Oklahoma resident Tammy Bridgman said.

There is good news, GasBuddy reports that gasoline prices are declining.

The state average is down 7 cents a gallon over the last week and our current average is $4.49 a gallon.

“Some gas stations in the state are now approaching that $3.99 mark, we have several gas stations across the state at about $4.15 so we can see those low $4 gas prices come back.” said Patrick De Haan, head of oil analysis. Gas Buddy.

You may have heard of the social media campaign calling for no gas purchases from 3 July.rd In 5th. An analyst at GasBuddy is skeptical of this influence.

“This is not just a decrease in demand. It’s people who change demand, and we need to reduce demand… The problem with these gas boycotts is that people just fill up long before or after. So they don’t really reduce demand,” De Hann said.

Patrick De Hann says gas prices have been on the decline over the past two weeks.

“You can see it drop by a penny or two every couple of days over the holiday weekend and next week as well. So, you know, if you take your time to fill up your tank, you’re not going anywhere, there’s no rush to fill up, because prices will continue to slowly come down,” De Hann said.

If you’re traveling this weekend, the Oklahoma AAA encourages you to prepare for our extreme heat by checking your tires, batteries and engines.

“We expect to receive about 4,000 roadside assistance calls for people in need this weekend,” Gamble said.

Gamble says AAA has every practical opportunity this weekend.

“Everyone will work there. We have tow trucks and training technicians across the state who will respond as quickly as possible to our members’ needs,” Gamble said.

Gamble also says, “Those who travel our roads make up 80% of travelers in our state. So that’s the largest number of people traveling.”

Plus, it’s going to be a busy weekend for…

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