Caesars Entertainment, FEMA, and Homeland Security are working together to improve strip safety.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Security measures are critical to dealing with crowds, both on Fremont Street and outside. 8 News Now got a rare glimpse into how one hotel works to keep you safe and keep tourists focused on having a great time in Las Vegas.

K9 units are trained to spot any potential hazards around vehicles near the Caesars Forum Convention Center while blue vest assessors watch every move. This training was part of a special exercise between Caesar’s Entertainment, FEMA, and Homeland Security.

“These functional exercises give us the opportunity to test our process, our policies and procedures in training,” said Eric Golebewski, vice president of security at Caesar’s Corporation.

He said planning began last year as they continue to tighten security measures across the board.

8 News Now got an exclusive look at some of the exercises, including a possible shooting scenario and how the armed Special Response Team and K9 responded.

“This is all really for guests,” Golebewski explained, “we want them to come here and not think about their safety, but have a good time when they come to Las Vegas. They don’t have to worry about their safety.”

Golebewski said all casino security teams are constantly on the lookout for any trends or potential risks on the horizon.

“We also continue to develop our watch teams and integrate them into these critical situations so that they can help us and mitigate any situation that arises,” he continued.

Jonathan Alvarez of Protective Force International said communication is key for security teams, especially when working with other agencies.

“Physical preparation is the big key, and mental preparation is for all situations. Consistency is the key,” Alvarez said.

As pandemic-related restrictions are lifted and international flights resume, these special response teams will be ready to act as needed.

“You see it with the NFL Draft and Formula 1 coming up and we are ready for all these big things,” Golebewski said.

Leading security leaders meet monthly to share experiences and trends. It’s called the Las Vegas Chief Security Officers Association. Its mission is to improve communications between itself and law enforcement, and to keep visitors and workers safe.


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