circus park: dark tourism for outsiders, but circus park still in trauma the day after the shelling | Kolkata News

Calcutta: A site near Park Circus where a Calcutta Armed Police Constable opened fire indiscriminately with his SLR on Friday, killing a 28-year-old woman and injuring three others, has become a “dark tourism” site with residents of neighboring communities. in the area of ​​the Lower Ring Road during Saturday to take a look at this place.
Many of them crowded around the local tea stalls, trying to chat with bystanders, while others stood and chatted to each other at various places on the sidewalk.
Several plainclothes police guarded the site where Chodup Lepcha opened fire on Friday, as well as the site where he killed himself.
Several shopkeepers near the site kept their establishments closed and residents kept to themselves.
“I was horrified when I saw the video of the shooting on social media. I wanted to come yesterday by myself to see this place, but the situation was tense and my family members discouraged me from doing so. Today I came here in the morning by myself with my friend. It was so scary to see the place where an incident of this magnitude took place,” said Ishtiake Ahmed, a resident of Topsia, almost five kilometers from where the shooting took place.
Dark tourism is when people flock to places where a dark or tragic event has unfolded, usually associated with death caused by a natural or man-made disaster or violence. Visual footage of Friday’s incident went viral on social media in a matter of hours.
Blood stains were still visible where the constable had shot himself, drawing the attention of several onlookers.
“I have never seen anything like it. The sight of traces of human blood made me sick, but I wanted to visit this place after yesterday’s incident,” said Anil Sau, a resident of Karaya Road.
Several tea stalls along the Lower Ring Road remained crowded during the day, and spectators flocked to visit the place.
Mohammad Naseem, owner of a Volkswagen Passat that was hit by a bullet during the indiscriminate shooting, visited the area on Saturday and took the car to a local garage for repairs.
“The bullet completely shattered the headlight. I am refurbishing it as I plan to sell it soon,” Naseem said.


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