Craig Pavlus steps down as President of Pavlus Travel, replaced by Shelby Studle

Craig Pavlus, namesake and longtime president of Albuquerque, Pavlus Travel of New Mexico, steps down as agency president and Shelby Studle takes his place.

Pavlus made the announcement Tuesday, writing that he will continue as the agency’s CEO, focusing on expanding the agency with more luxury travel initiatives, while Studle will take over day-to-day management of the agency.

“After more than two decades with Pavlus Travel, Shelby Studle is heavily involved in this promotion and I look forward to her assistance in strategic leadership of the agency as well as focusing on the agency’s day-to-day operations,” Pavlus said. .

“While I will continue to work for the agency, the goal is to allow me to devote more time to developing new luxury travel initiatives that both increase our revenue streams and benefit our valued clients,” he added.

Studle, a 24-year veteran of Pavlus Travel, most recently served as the agency’s vice president of consumer marketing. Her past experience also includes corporate management, cruise sales, airline sales, accounting and more. She is also credited with helping to expand Pavlus Travel through a travel agency referral program.

“Having well-established relationships with many senior leaders in the travel industry, I look forward to leading Pavlus Travel in the future and growing our business significantly,” said Steudl.

“I’m so proud of our team’s many accomplishments and proud to be moving into this new position as President,” Stewdle said. “I look forward to what lies ahead as we strive to create incredible, memorable vacation experiences for our clients every day.”

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