Croatia optimistic about tourism, but 10,000 workers short –

Croatia is expecting a great tourist season after two years marred by the pandemic, but is still short of about 10,000 workers, the head of the Croatian Tourism Association said. N1 On Sunday.

Veljko Ostojic said the Russian invasion of Ukraine briefly disrupted bookings, but the situation has stabilized and “in terms of overnight stays and arrivals, we are really approaching 2019 levels.”

The shortage of labor is of great concern. “At the moment, we estimate that it is about 10,000 workers, but there is a difference between large employers who have already dealt with this and small ones who are still trying to solve it,” he said.

Another problem is inflation and rising prices, including “unrealistic price increases, from energy, especially electricity, to drinks, which have risen in price by 20%, and food, which has risen in price by 40%.”

“But our guests should not experience a reduction in quality or a lack of certain products,” he added. “Inflation affects all of our competing countries.”

Tourism, mainly along the Adriatic coast, is one of the main products of the Croatian economy and generates about one-fifth of its GDP.

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