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Hi Hi! Dancing brings joy to your heart, allows you to experience many different emotions while dancing, and makes your body move in a positive and fun way.

Maybe you decide to stomp your foot to the beat of a drum, or to the rhythm of the music, or stand on tiptoe to prance to a beautiful musical note! Whatever dance style you choose, dance can change your life! I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to dance and experience a moment that will change your life. Dance has changed my life for the better; especially when I decided to dance for Jesus! I want to use my God-given talent to change the world for the better, one dance at a time.

Every dance concert we put on offers a Divine message through a fun, unique and exciting dance show! All of our dances feature positive and/or Christian music, with conservative dance moves and costumes; but breathtaking and amazing dance choreography that will blow your mind and even make your heart feel amazing.

As the owner and director of PATY’Studio, a dance studio where all dancers feel welcome, cared for and learn to dance, we strive to give every dancer the opportunity to express themselves and express themselves through dance.

Dancing at PATY’Studio can teach you how to dance while you are in a welcoming, family oriented and Christ centered positive environment. With that said, our first column at the Hanford Sentinel is getting a 50% discount on their first month of tuition for new students.

In future columns, we’ll look at how dance is a fun and creative way to express yourself.


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