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Dua Lipa, new lifestyle guru? For Vogue, she shares her favorite addresses.

“In my work, I always say to myself, ‘OK, what’s next?'” So said. Dua Lipawhen she made the cover fashion months ago. Until then, the rest Service95, a “style, culture, and society recommendation service” and a major development of the “Dua” empire. The singer entrusted this exclusively to Vogue, that future lifestyle platform that she has “dreamed about for a very long time.” “Probably my biggest hobby! I’ve always compulsively made lists: my favorite places to eat, where to sleep. Honestly, if I showed you Notes on my iPhone right now…”

And that’s what Dua Lipa going to do with Service95, a weekly newsletter that will offer recommendations carefully curated by the pop star herself, from her favorite hotel in Paris to the best dim sum spot in the 11th arrondissement, including a personal playlist she listened to during her comeback. “My friends and family members, wherever they travel around the world — even for a one night stand — text me asking for things to do,” she says. “They always turn to me for recommendations.” You are not part of the circle of relatives Dua Lipa ? Service95 will soon let you too benefit from the knowledge one of the world’s greatest superstars has gained since she raced the four corners of the globe.

The project looks like a natural evolution of an influential Instagram account Dua Lipawhose 75 million followers passionately follow the slightest movement of the star in Balenciaga (She was recently seen tasting a stroopwafel in Amsterdam, visiting a Parisian outdoor wine bar with her girlfriends, and going from a workout to an iconic Western sandwich shop in the blink of an eye. decorations). “I confess that my photos are a bit like a blog of my life,” she admits. “Now people can go straight to the site and search for whatever they want to know.”


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