“Enjoy Nostalgia”: PEI Tourism History Exhibition Opens at Confederation Center

The Confederate Center for the Arts has launched new exhibits to be featured at its art gallery all summer, including one sure to take islanders on a trip down memory lane.

Four exhibitions opened to the public on Saturday evening.

One of them is Summer tradean exhibition that tells the history of the island’s tourism industry through photographs and various artifacts.

“We begin the exhibition with the doors to the dining room of Abegveit, who was the queen of the ferry fleet for 40 years,” said historian Ed Macdonald, who curated the space along with his colleague Alan McEachern.

“Then we travel through things like attractions, souvenirs, various types of advertising: visitor guides, earlier types of literature, PEI tourism films, vintage films from the 40s and 50s.”

Ferry model Abegweit. (SHS)

MacDonald said that tourism “penetrates every aspect of our lives” as islanders and that the exhibition is meant to trace the evolution of such an influential industry. He also explores the relationship of PEI residents with tourism.

“There has always been a little streak of duality because tourism can be the tail wagging the dog of society,” he said.

“We do our best because we are the hosts. But it also means that to a certain extent, we are simplifying our culture, simplifying our landscape in order to package it so that it can be enjoyed better and easier. also a little.”

These shirts are replicas of original Cows Creamery merchandise from the 1980s. (SHS)

Items on display include replicas of 1980s Cows Creamery merchandise, 19th century postcards, and Mrs. Sleepy Owl is a “talking” owl that was popular at the defunct Rainbow Valley theme park.

“Memories we create in childhood stay with us for life,” McDonald said.

PEI main street8:59150 years of PEI tourism exhibition

Dr. Ed McDonald says it’s like opening a photo album and traveling back in time. The writer and history professor is co-curating a new exhibit opening at the Confederation Center Art Gallery that chronicles PEI’s 150 years of advertising, attractions and souvenirs.

“If you are a guest on the island, this is a visit to yourself, because, of course, we do all this for the visitor. If you are an islander, I want you to experience nostalgia.”

Mrs. Sleepy Owl was an integral part of the Rainbow Valley theme park. (SHS)

Wide spectrum

Other gallery exhibits open to the public include Return to Mathueswhich features a collection of Mi’kmaw pen drawings by The Quill Sisters collective.

RE: away compares the recent work of eight Canadian artists with some of their earlier work. As well as Shannon Bull: Form Obus showcases Boulle’s work in a variety of mediums, exploring repressed erotic influences in the works and designs of the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier.

The Matues Revisited showcases The Quill Sisters’ collection of Mi’kmaw feather art. (SHS)


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