‘Exciting’ ecotourism attraction proposed in NSW rainforests

Studio Hollenstein has designed the centerpiece of a proposed $56.4 million ecotourism facility in the World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest on the central north coast of New South Wales.

The new Arc Rainforest Center, with a curved boardwalk overlooking the rainforest, will be part of a New South Wales government project to create a multi-day walk and visit center in the region, designed to boost nature tourism and increase the contribution of national parks. contribute to the state economy.

“The project will provide access to all opportunities to connect with nature and culture in the country of Gumbainggirr,” said Studio Hollestein.

Render of the proposed Arc Rainforest Center.

Photo: Studio Hollestein

The center will have flexible spaces that can be used for a variety of events and will include a treetop walkway and spiral paths connecting visitors to the existing 6km Wonga Walkway, as well as the start of the new Great Dorrigo Escarpment Walk.

On June 19, the Government of New South Wales announced funding for the project, which will also cover a 46km walkway, four low-impact walker huts, new campsites and three suspension bridges across the World Heritage-listed rainforest.

Starting at the Ark Rainforest Center, the Great Dorrigo Escarpment Walk will pass through Dorrigo and Bindarri National Parks along a rugged escarpment towards the coast.

Environment Secretary James Griffin said the project is part of the state’s largest ever national park investment program and should be “even more impressive than Daintree.”

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