Eye on Travel – Denver – July 2, 2022

This week holiday broadcast on July 4 at the weekend Eye on travel from Denver, Colorado, and The Rally Hotel. Peter has all the news about the “aero-magedon” travel and disasters in American airlines and airports. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis then joins Peter in an update on travel (and the travel economy) in the Rocky Mountain State. And Colorado’s reaction to the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe W. Wade, and what that could mean for medical tourism in the state. Dick Monfort, owner of the Colorado Rockies, talks about baseball in Mile High, talks about some of the new baseball rules that have been implemented and why Denver’s high altitude improves its players’ endurance. Then we go pub crawling with Ed Silover, senior reporter for the Denver Business Journal, who talks about the history of Colorado beer as well as 430 breweries across the state. And Peter will answer your questions about the trip. All this and more in this edition. Eye on travel.

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