Fáilte Ireland uses Irish Open to boost golf tourism market – The Irish Times

Fáilte Ireland highlighted the importance of golf tourism to Ireland as the Horizon Irish Open 2022 kicked off on Thursday.

He noted that golf tourism was one of the first sectors to recover from the last recession. The tourism agency said that more than 221,000 visitors to the country in 2019 named golf as their main travel destination, spending 300 million euros on the local economy.

This week, Fáilte Ireland is inviting 40 Irish golf businesses to an event to meet golfers and encourage them to consider taking a golf holiday in Ireland. According to his research, a golf visitor typically spends three times as much as the average tourist-tourist, with most spending going directly to non-golf spending in the local economy.

The bulk of golf visitors to Ireland come from North America (47% in 2019). This is followed by continental Europe with 30% and another 19% from the United Kingdom.

“We believe that golf tourism will play an important role in supporting the rapid recovery of tourism,” said Paul Mockler, Head of Commercial Development at Fáilte Ireland. “Therefore, golf is seen as a fundamental tool to bring Ireland’s tourism industry back to 2019 performance levels and beyond in the shortest possible time.”

He said the flow of golf tourism this year has been very strong due to pent-up demand during the travel restrictions caused by Covid-19. This is likely to continue into 2023, he said.

“Critically, the spread of golf courses across the country provides a significant opportunity to stimulate tourism growth in all regions of Ireland and supports the extension of the tourist season.”


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