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Fiat Tipo Hybrid: in continuous development

In a forced move towards electrification and a clash with French, German and Asian brands, Fiat looks a little timid. However, it would be unfair to say that he is on the mend. Proof: The first 100% electric Fiat lives on as a success story that makes the 500, with 100,000 built in less than 24 months, the second best-selling electric car in Europe after the Tesla Model 3! A real feat from the point of view of an actor who is considered the least invested in the energy transition and a craze that also reveals the quality of the product!

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However, for the rest of the range, true hybrid and plug-in Fiats are still in the announcement effect. Fiat is sticking with the “light” hybridization of its thermal models for now. After the 1.0L and 1.3L comes the “mild hybrid” (or microhybrid) version of the 1.5L. On paper, however, our 130bhp 1.5-litre petrol engine already claims to be a “full hybrid” since the electric motor (20 hp) can drive the car alone. It is essentially a micro-hybrid, as 100% electric propulsion is provided by what could be called a 48-volt starter-alternator integrated into a 7-speed automatic transmission and a barely 0.7 kWh battery allows only very short electrical enhancements. So Fiat is playing with words. However, the Tipo has proven to be smooth to use, mostly in the city where the light steering makes it very manoeuvrable. Obviously, it is in this environment that it becomes possible to increase the number of electric driving phases, while at the same time saving precious deciliters of fuel.

Outside the city at higher speeds, it is a little less comfortable, especially during restarts, when the “hybrid” autobox has small moments of lethargy.

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