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Forma, the coolest collaborative fashion and lifestyle platform of the moment

Founded by stylist and consultant Ray Boxer and designer Etienne Dero, The form revolves around themed mini-collections, refined and monochrome, available on the site as drops. Rare furniture, books on art and architecture, T-shirts inspired by cultural capitals, Mexican ceramics, aluminum mugs and even NFTs, the range is regularly updated to highlight cutting-edge collaborations.

Geoffrey de Boismenu

Geoffrey de Boismenu

Created by creatives as an international platform for creativity, The form doubles as a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing financial support to artists around the world. As such, the brand is committed to donating a portion of its revenue to promoting their education, as well as ensuring access to basic rights such as food, housing, and security.

As a couple in town and on stage, Ray and Etienne together define the brand’s vocabulary and share a vision of responsible and committed fashion.

Meeting with Ray Boxer and Etienne Dero, founders of Forma

Rafael Cariou

fashion. Both of you have considerable experience in fashion. What is your background and what are your roles in Forma?
Ray Boxer and Etienne Dero. Ray is a stylist and consultant. Originally from New York, where she worked on titles. Interviewas well as T, The New York Times Style Magazineshe moved to Paris to join the stylist Marie Amelie Sov before becoming fashion director from a fashion magazine mastermind. For my part, I am a fashion designer from Lille. Having worked with many brands, including my own, I have created my own company and collaborate with labels such as Nike as well as Y/Project or with artists like Heron Preston as well as Baby Cudie.
Today we are still a small team, so everyone does a little bit of everything! While we share a creative direction, I’m in charge of product and design, and Ray is in charge of image and communications.

What prompted you to create your brand?
We have always been a creative duo. We met at work and the idea was born to create a joint project for many years. We wanted to do something that gives us freedom in our creative process. we do not consider The form as a brand, but rather as a collaborative platform that allows us to explore our vision in terms of clothing, image and design, and allows us to collaborate with friends and people we admire. The idea was to build a creative project without limits.

Rafael Cariou

Rafael Cariou

Form, what is it?
The form was born from the architectural principle that form follows function. Although we want to explore the fields of art, design or fashion, we continue…


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