Fosun businesses show strong recovery momentum as consumption regains vitality and the tourism industry continues to recover

In addition, with the epidemic prevention and control situation stabilizing and the arrival of the peak season in the tourism industry, Fosun Tourism Group’s domestic business quickly recovered from the strong recovery of its overseas business.

Having survived the “difficult period” of the epidemic, Fosun enterprises in various segments have made steady progress and are ready for a new round of growth.

As the epidemic situation stabilized, business and tourism consumption recovered significantly.

Resumption of catering services in major business districts Shanghai accelerate economic recovery.

The strong momentum in business operations is also a catalyst for business recovery. Positioning itself as a consumer group in the happiness segment, Yuyuan Inc. considers “oriental aesthetics of life” as the main concept and continues to improve the activities of the happiness industry. In the first quarter of this year, Yuyuan Inc. continued to expand the business channels of its Jewelry & Fashion segment and continued to improve the competitiveness of its products. The sales volume of Guyun’s Gold series reached a new high, up more than 100% year-on-year. In the first quarter, Yuyuan Jewelry & Fashion chain opened 140 chain stores, bringing the total number of stores to 4,121, strengthening its leading position in the industry in store expansion.

Regarding domestic tourism, Qian Jiannong, Chairman and CEO of Fosun Tourism, said: “Thanks to the stabilization of the epidemic prevention and control situation and the further easing of epidemic prevention measures in HainanFosun Tourism Destination Projects in Sanya have significantly increased visitor flow and occupancy rates.” In the second half of June, the Atlantis Sanya Hotel’s occupancy rate exceeded 90%, and hotel bookings increased at the end of the month. To welcome the return of tourists, Atlantis Sanya Hotel will launch the “Atlantis Super Summer 2022” event from July 2 to August 31, including the marine fantasy acrobatics C Show, parent-child art festival and various children’s summer camps, to rekindle the enthusiasm of tourists in regarding tourism consumption. Beijing as well as Shanghai return to normal life, it is believed that Hainan will be the first stop for many consumers after a long absence on the road.

In addition, Club Med Joyview Qiandao Lake has served more than 3,000 customers since its trial operation on June 16 with over 60% occupancy based on available rooms. The resort is located on the outskirts of the central part of the city with high-quality ecological resources, which makes it an ideal place for residents to relax. Jiangsu, Zhejiang as well as Shanghai After the epidemic.

Earlier, Fosun Tourism’s overseas business experienced the first upsurge. Since Fosun Tourism Group announced in April that it became profitable in the first quarter of 2022, international brands such as Club Med, Thomas…


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