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Maurice Foley is the founder of The Black Travel Expo. The event was held in Atlanta at the Marquis Marriot Hotel on June 3–4, 2022. More than 2,000 guests attended its premiere. It was attended by over 20 experts and speakers, 25 workshops and events, and 75 sponsors and vendors. This historical exhibition will serve as an impetus for many other events.

Here is Maurice’s story:

Maurice became a full-time entrepreneur in June 2021 after launching his latest Black Travel Expo venture. He holds degrees in communications and marketing and a master’s degree in management. Maurice has been passionate about travel since the age of 6. Now he has incorporated his travels into various business opportunities.

10 years ago, he founded the successful travel company Two Oceans Travel & Tours. With him, he carries small groups to the countries of the African continent. He started traveling in South Africa 22 years ago and has now made Cape Town one of his homes. He also owns a multi-million dollar property development and property management company.

After doing research on a black traveler, he came across a report from MMGY Global and the Black Travel Alliance. This report states that in 2019 (before the coronavirus), black tourists in the US spent $109.4 billion on travel. Creating this event was not a problem for Mauritius, which has already organized successful events in the past. However, not on this scale.

Maurice believed that black travelers needed their own platform to connect and meet other like-minded people in the travel industry. He created an event in support of black entrepreneurs. The event included panel discussions and open conversations between black travel consumers and corporations.

Photo courtesy of Black Travel Expo

Photo courtesy of Black Travel Expo

What is your vision for the future of Black Travel?

My vision for the black travel industry is to provide education, information, awareness, and economic opportunity for the black travel community. Providing the black community with the proper tools and knowledge will certainly create long-term and necessary platforms.

Why is the black travel industry important to you?

The black travel industry is important to me because travel is a part of our daily lives. It’s not always about the destination, but rather about the journey and sharing those stories and experiences with others. Travel inspiration and encouragement to travel is very important.

What do you want those present at this premiere to remember about this historic event?

I want those who attended the Black Travel Expo to remember that we have provided a platform for people to learn about the black travel industry. People met with other black travel professionals and created opportunities and discussed them. The topics discussed were DEI, Black Men in Travel, how to live abroad and how to buy property abroad. Finally, it was an opportunity to bring together like-minded black people.

Photo courtesy of Maurice Foley.

Photo courtesy of Maurice Foley.

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