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FrenchTouch Montaigne, sisters Lily and Sophie Gruber, new queens of aesthetics in Paris

Avenue Montaigne, between two signature purchases, we also stop at 49. FrenchTouch Montaigne is the new aesthetic temple everyone is talking about. Crowned heads, caesarized actresses, designers mingle with influencers, anonymous people and footballers, dream clientele in search of exclusive cutting-edge protocols at the address. Lili and Sophie Gruber made a name for themselves in the Place de Paris by importing for the first time expensive and revolutionary technology, hitherto unknown in the capital. The two sisters markedly democratized the laser for all skin types, which was the starting point of their brilliant success. Meet.

You already had a thriving business abroad, so an attack on the Place de Paris was risky. What levers have you been working on to make a name for yourself?

Lily and Sofia Gruber : Our experience abroad has certainly been a successful and enriching experience, but our desire to return to our roots, our know-how and our approach to aesthetics as Parisian women, pushed us to make this bet. We worked tirelessly, never counting the hours, this total commitment has been the foundation of our success.

In particular, you have been able to benefit from the power of Instagram…

When Frenchtouch Montaigne left in 2018, social media like Instagram was not as developed and used for professional purposes as it is today. We knew how to use them to highlight our work and our machines, still unknown in France at the time, such as Alma Laser’s Soprano laser, Accent Prime and SkinClear. Voice-overs in our stories—never featuring us—created a connection between us and our community without drawing attention to ourselves. From the very beginning, we wanted the assistance offered to remain a central theme. The technologies we used abroad were imported and developed in France, so it was important to focus on these innovations.

Frenchtouch Montaigne quickly caught the attention of celebrities. What most attracts this demanding clientele?

First of all, apart from our work, they, in our opinion, are seduced by our simplicity and our intimacy. For us, each person is unique, we welcome them and take care of them as if they were our loved ones. There is neither this distance nor this formal aspect that can be found in other centers. We provide treatments in person, adapting to the schedule of these personalities, because we want them to feel cocooned, in place and intimate. We create conditions for these celebrities to feel comfortable and confident during the procedures….

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