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The pandemic is not over yet, there is a war going on in Europe and inflation is going through the roof. In such difficult times, many people dream of rest. But even going on vacation is not as easy as it used to be.

More than two years of the pandemic has left its mark on many people, creating existential fears and fears related to work. As soon as restrictions were lifted in Europe, Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, which further provoked anxiety and uncertainty around the world.

No wonder so many people want to take a break from their worries. After all, a vacation is an opportunity to switch off and relax. Well, if it turns out that way, however, the current crises, including war and inflation, also affect the tourism industry.

Rising fuel prices also affect fares

Rising airfare and hotel prices

Anyone looking for flights at the moment may be wondering why they have become more expensive in recent months. Prices are really rising, and there are two reasons for this.

“In general, the cost of gas is rising, and the price of oil is at record levels. Guests also feel it in airfare prices, which go up as a result,” says Johanna Tillmann of German airline Condor, which primarily caters to travelers like DW. After all, it’s not just that owners pay more for a pump; airlines also pay more for fuel.

“In addition, we are currently seeing the result of pent-up demand for holiday travel. This affects airfare and accommodation prices, especially during the high season, because (such prices) are based on demand,” explains Tillman.

 The lobby of the Reichshof Hotel in Hamburg is almost empty.

Many hotels are struggling to find staff after closing during the pandemic.

Hotels also have to contend with higher costs. They also have to pay more for oil, gas, electricity and food. In addition, many hotels lack skilled workers. At the height of the pandemic, hotels were empty and many employees found other jobs.

To some extent, the hospitality industry must now create incentives – primarily financial – for hiring staff. These additional costs are partly passed on to guests through the increased room rate.

What about package holidays?

Costs also affect so-called package holidays, trips where you book a package consisting of various travel-related offers such as flight, hotel and hotel transfers.

According to German travel price comparison website Check24, package tours booked to destinations popular with German tourists are more expensive than last year. On average, a two-person weekly package tour booked in May for the period June-August 2022 in Mallorca, Spain is 17% more expensive than last year. “Despite the favorable prices, the rise in prices is most noticeable in Side and Alanya on the Turkish coast. There, a week-long vacation for two this summer is now 45% more expensive than last summer,” says Martin Zier,…


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