Future father Ranbir Kapoor says he wants a daughter

Ranbir Kapoor, who is busy promoting his film Shamsher, will be spotted at Ravivaar tonight with Star Parivaar. The special will feature the actor interacting with the cast of Star Plus. The dad-to-be will also benefit from some parenting tips from Anupamaa actor Rupali Ganguly. As readers know, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are expecting their first child. And during a conversation with Rupali, Ranbir will tell you that he wants his child to be a girl.

The video begins with the Wake Up Sid actor asking Rupali how he can be the best father in the world. “Duniya ke best pita banne ke liye aap muzhhe couch madad dengue, meri help karenge ki mein kya kar shakta hu?” he asks with a smile. The TV actor says that having a baby is like having your heart living outside of your body.

Ranbir Kapoor then reveals that he wants a girl, saying “Mujhe beti hi chahiye”. The actor is also learning from Rupali Ganguly how to hold a baby and even change diapers. While lulling the doll, Ranbir modestly says, “Ale le meri beti.”

They used to talk about the birth of a child with Alia BhattRanbir said that while he is “not ready” to be a father yet, he is “excited, excited”. “I have always wanted children. Alia and I have been talking about children ever since we met. We want to have many children. She returned tonight. I’m going to see her in two months, so we have a lot of conversations and plans. We talked on the phone every day, dreaming about the future, about what it would be. But until the day that happens, I don’t know how it will be, but I’m so excited,” the actor shared.

Ranbir said he doesn’t want Alia to “sacrifice her dreams” after having a baby. Actor Sangju explained that he and Alia grew up at a time when their fathers were away for work and hence they were mostly raised by their mothers. Ranbir said he wants to be a more hands-on parent with his child.

After several years of dating, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor got married on April 14. The couple announced their pregnancy last month via an Instagram post.


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