Gasoline prices in Wilmington fell

As the Fourth of July approaches, gas prices in southeast North Carolina are falling.

According to AAA – Auto Club Group in Carolina, the average price of gasoline in North Carolina on Tuesday was $4.53 per gallon.

In Shalotte, some gas stations advertised prices as low as $4.16.

At the Circle K gas station, many people were returning home from vacations and heading to the beach resorts in the area. Travelers say gas prices hit their wallets hard this summer.

Bill Wyatt of Lexington, Virginia, said he regularly pays $100 to fill his truck’s tank.

“That’s when the car shuts off at $100,” he said.

A sign advertising gas that sells for $4.16 a gallon at a Circle K store in Shalotte, North Carolina.

Wyatt said he deliberately planned to drive through Shalotte on his way home from Holden Beach to take advantage of the area’s low fuel prices.

Wyatt’s son, Tucker, said he spends about half of his spending budget on gasoline lately. Living in New York, he drives 14 miles every day from Brooklyn to Queens as a baseball coach.

The couple welcomed Tuesday’s break at a gas station.

“Three or four dollars is pretty crazy, even ridiculous,” said Tucker Wyatt.

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