Hawaii’s tourism industry is falling apart and why

First, we want to allay your fears. This is not Hawaii in ruins. Hawaii is great, always has been and always will be. Things are doing moderately well here in the most unusual global and local travel circumstances any of us have ever experienced. But the industry is clearly in much more turmoil than we would like to believe.

Our word for this is “ruin: a state of confusion, bad organization, or disorder.” That’s why it fits the situation.

Travel is often referred to as the largest industry in the world.. It brings in over 10% of global income. In Hawaii, it is proportionately much larger and directly or indirectly affects almost all of us. Travel may have accounted for 1 in 4 new jobs created globally before the pandemic, and even more in Hawaii.

Demand for travel to Hawaii is still not fully back to normal as we anticipate a full resumption of international travel.. But even before a full return to previous levels of demand, it has clearly become a nightmare for both those in the industry and visitors to Hawaii.

Experts say that we are not even close to going through all these upheavals.. Recent examples here in Hawaii illustrate this. We have seen estimates that this could go on for another year or even longer.

The shortage of personnel in the industry is constant. Be it hotels, restaurants, entertainment or car rentals. For some reason, employees have not returned to their jobs in the tourism industry, and there are simply not enough of them. Those who have returned often face significant overtime to try and make up for shortcomings. And this, among other problems, is bad for morale in the tourism business.

point to point. They stood on the runway in Honolulu for more than 90 minutes, according to a Georgia commentator, because there were no staff to arrange a boarding bridge.

“Our Alaska Air Flight 531 from Los Angeles to HNL was on time, but we sat on the runway at HNL for at least 1.5 hours waiting for the gate/runway to clear so we could disembark. We were told that it was a shortage of personnel.“. Not the best reception in Hawaii.

How and when will it ever be fixed? It is hoped that by next year there will be better systems and more people to help with the trip to Hawaii. Even so, do we really believe we can get back to how smoothly everything was before Covid? This ship has probably sailed away, and we can at best strive for a new experience better than what we have today.

What hasn’t changed is people’s desire to travel.. But the way we travel is constantly changing. It’s time to dig deeper to be patient and adjust expectations. We hope that travel to Hawaii will eventually become better. But in the short term, this simply won’t happen.

1. Big problems for airlines flying to Hawaii.

Why is it so difficult to get airlines back on track? Is there anything that can be done? Flight cancellations, delays, labor relations…

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