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Heart Attack interview at Hellfest 2022

We were able to meet French metal band Heart Attack for an interview as part of Hellfest 2022. The band performed on the main stage on June 17 at 10:30, opening the festival.

Heart Attack is a “young” French band formed in 2007. Young compared to bands that often have over 30 or 40 years of career! Originally from Cannes, they already have three albums (including an EP) to their credit and will be releasing a new album in 2022. Negative Sun.

Kevin Geyer (rhythm guitar, vocals), Chris Cesari (lead guitar, keyboards), Will Ribeiro (bass, vocals) and Christoph Ickard (drums) have recently signed with Atomic Fire Records, a very large metal band that is a subsidiary of Nuclear. Blast. , which, in particular, produces Amorphis, Sonata Arctica or even Opeth.

Questions for Will and Chris from Heart Attack on the Hellfest 2022 website

We had to try not to ask stupid questions, but we still start with the weather forecast, because at Lifestyle Olikon we still can’t keep up with the interview. And in any case, we are the first to interview them, so we can afford it. Luckily, Heart Attack, they are much squarer than us and more experienced in the exercises! Thanks a lot Chris Cesari as well as Will Ribeiro to play the game.

Weather level, Clisson, Cannes, same fight?

Will : It’s warmer here. We were surprised because we are used to the sun. But it knocks here, to be honest, very good!!!

Chris : Conditions, they are still exceptional, yeah. Yesterday on the main stage it was already hot, but tolerable.

By the way, what is it like to play on the main Hellfest stage?

Will A: Actually it’s a dream. We are used to giving concerts. We’ve already played a lot of big shows like Metal Days. We have also done Motocultor several times. Heart Attack even played Metal Corner at Hellfest in 2015. Well, I wasn’t there, but they were.

We’ve done a lot of great things like this, but really the Hellfest main stage is still something special.

After two years of doing nothing, how do you feel when you see the sign for Clisson, Nantes, Getigne?

Will : Finally! Finally this sucks. What do you think about this [ndlr: à Chris]

Chris : Something has to happen… to be in front of the Clisson panels and all that. It was so long ago. We’ll shed a little tear anyway. That’s it, we’re back, whether you’re a festival goer or an artist. Everyone was happy to be there.

How long have you known you’ve been on the show?

Will : very little time. We found out about this 3 or 4 weeks ago. Besides, we are not even on Hellfest T-shirts. I, who wanted to return the shirt to my parents.. It was very, very fast.

At worst…

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