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Hellfest 2022 Day 2: Alestorm, Steel Panther, Megadeth

June 18, 2022 was supposed to be the hottest day of Hellfest XV ever. It is understood that the weather was good with a temperature of 40°C in the middle of the day. Despite the heat, the audience is present, even if the atmosphere seems calmer than usual. Positioned a few meters from the pit demarcation, we had enough room to dance to Alestorm and his beer anthems without disturbing our neighbors.

The day will be scorching (39° in shade and no shade on MainStages!), and the heaviness of the temperature will be felt on the headbangers. But that doesn’t stop anyone from having fun!

We can really thank Hellfest for the many water spots, such as the giant arches swinging their liters of floats per m2. The environment is slightly damp and has given rise to scenes that can normally only be seen in the rain: impromptu Greek wrestling!!! A festival goer is always full of ideas…

Alestorm, Rival Sons, panther steel chain in hand

And I must say, the Scottish pirates from Alestorm are off to a good start. Between rum, beer and clashes, this is a real party (some would say PARTY) that will enliven festival goers on the main. Everything is very simple, except for the blue sea, we were in the Caribbean! What’s more, some even brought their own inflatable ducks to ride through the raging crowd!

hellfest 2022

To relax a little, the Americans from Rival Sons played us their best blues and rock, directly inspired by Led Zep or Sabbath. Despite some audio issues, Rival Sons were able to convince the audience (but did they need to?).

If the sun started to set (and we must have lost 0.5°), the heat literally melted some bras with the arrival of the (almost) legendary Steel Panther Californians. As usual, they offered 1 hour of a perfectly timed show, with impeccable sound, lewd jokes and… and… and of course boobs! After a good parody of Ozzy, we thought we were on the Sunset Strip! And inevitably, the show ends with a large number of festivalgoers (more or less dressed) taking the stage, enough to easily fill the 26 meters of the Main Stage!

hellfest 2022


Finally, night falls (with temperature) offering the perfect atmosphere to go and see Ensiferum Finns at the Temple. Far from their native lands (nearly 2800 km separates Helsinki from Clisson) and northern temperatures, this did not prevent the comrades from revealing their best folk / viking / melodic death. We enter their game and vibrate to the sounds coming from the cold!

Sepultura and Megadeth

Two other big names at the start of the evening are Sepultura and Megadeth. The band of Dave Mustaine – an invincible creator…

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