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Hellfest 2022 Day 3: Gojira! and the rest

It’s not very nice for the other bands, but we won’t lie to each other: it’s gojira what is expected here in Redak. The rest of the bands are the perfect sequence to increase the pressure of what promises to be a giant show.

So why are there such high hopes for the French band? Just because the last time in 2019, the production was already awesome, and the concert was memorable. By 2022, we must add the release of the incredible Fortitude album, which concretizes the years of work of the Duplantier brothers and their assistants Jean-Michel Labadie and Christian Andreou.

We will return to this later. Because the day is busy with many bands who enjoy seeing many female roles.

Battle Beast, Lacuna Coil, Doro and Ginger: strong women!

Too few in metal, the women took their revenge this Sunday. Mainstages had a good series of quality performances. And not only did they send wood, but they also represent a new metal impulse, where the singer is not exclusively a symphonic singer (even if we have nothing against it).

So we start with Indus beasts, punchy sounds lovers (with a bit of synth), and the song starts with the cries of the soul, aptly named Battle Beast. It would be an understatement to say that our Finnish comrades are the beasts of the stage, as they fire up the main stage from the start of the day. Nura Luhimo with excellent horns and her team offer us a pretty crazy performance on the last day of the first weekend.

We then switch to “old” gothic, historical Italian comrades from Lacuna Coil. Suffice it to say that +20 years of existence of the group affects a clear and impeccable service. It’s clean, precise, energetic, and we feel the pleasure of the band coming back to light up our favorite Fest. Lacuna Coil also evokes a lot of Our Truth nostalgia.

Speaking of prisoners (and in this case, prisoners), Doro, the Queen of Metal, didn’t come to string pearls. Doro Pesch is pretty quick to remind us that if she topped the charts with Warlock and if she owns the official Wacken Open Air anthem, it’s not for nothing. Unique energy, captivated audience, it’s hard to resist the call of We are the Metalheads!


Last but not least, the sun star begins the sunset under the groovy metalcore of the Ukrainian Jinjer, led by Tatiana Shmaylyuk. The group is honored to be the official cultural ambassadors of the country to speak loud and clear (we trust them for the latter) to expose the war that is now raging in Ukraine. And it is in front of a subdued audience waving many blue and yellow flags that the band will play.

Lysistra and Michael…

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