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Hellfest 2022 Day 4: Metal Grandpas Day

The fourth (or second first, depending on the point of view) day of Hellfest begins! Like any good start, the last one is pretty calm as the day really does start at 3:30pm. And it’s a lot of fun to watch our festival goers this second weekend! In less than 10 s we know how to identify the profile of the latter:

  • Euphoria, almost unbearable running around: the festivalgoer who didn’t have his first weekend
  • Peaceful, with a smirk, calm but happy, like a dad watching the mocking gaze of the first type of festivity: a festivity that was able to take advantage of a few days off to rest after the first crazy weekend!

A special mention deserves the lawn of the site, which (almost) managed to restore its green side a bit (thanks to rain, rare but welcome). Modulo the Kingdom of Muscadet, where not one strand survived the onslaught of 180,000 festival-goers roasting in the scorching sun of the first weekend.

But enough talk and let’s talk about amplifiers, what does it say today?

Altar and Burning Temple with Zeal and Ardent, Solstaffir, Heilung and Insomnia

The Altar and Temple stages have talents today! Let’s start, of course, with one of the most incredible bands of recent years: Zeal & Ardor.

The Swiss comrades and accomplices of Manuel Gagne literally made the Temple scream at 19:20. We haven’t seen such a crowd on these stages since Alestorm in 2015! So if we follow the trajectory, the next playthrough of our black/African American metal spirituals should be on the main stage. In any case, their path is already marked.

Then came the Finns from Insomnium, who gave us a pretty outstanding performance. At the same time, energetic, melodic, yet well-executed, this is the true demonstration of Melodic Death that we have seen! And an important reminder: it is in Finland that we produce the best melodic death metal!

For the more adventurous who wanted to stay in the Scandinavian countries, it was essential to discover the post-metal sounds of Solstaffir after dark. A powerful, soaring, at times almost dreamlike atmosphere, which unfortunately suffers from a lack of visual accompaniment (as with Devin Townsend). A little visual to help us hover over the Altar and Temple, please, Mr. Barbeau!

Who said that there is an age limit for performing on Hellfest stages? Definitely not us!

The metal lovers of the 80s have been redone today. The mythical orchestras of those years merged with the precision of a metronome on the two main stages.

Helloween at Hellfest 2022

After UFOs that proved to us that they can play as well as a certain Michael Schenker who was on the same stage a few days ago….

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