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Here is the Stargazer, a hypersonic aircraft that, from 2025, will be able to fly at over 10,000 km/h and fly from Paris to San Francisco or Tokyo to Los Angeles in 1 hour.

What if you could fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo or from Paris to San Francisco in just an hour? Here is the crazy promise of the American company Venus Aerospace. Dubbed the “Stargazer,” the high-altitude aircraft conceived by Venus Aerospace is already impressive: it can reach speeds of 11,113 km/h, or 9 times the speed of sound, can carry 12 passengers, fly over 50 km above sea level (170,000 feet, or 51.8 km) and finally… travel from Los Angeles to Tokyo in just one hour and despite the distance of 8,800 km, when we know that the current traditional flight takes a total of 11 hours. Having speed as its main advantage, the aircraft even received the status of “hypersonic”, largely reaching the required speed of Mach 5 (about 6100 km / h) thanks to equipped missiles, only at a certain height. Unfortunately, the same rockets are not enough to qualify a vehicle as a “space plane” as its creators do, and a total of 100 km of altitude is required to use this designation.

Flattered by the ratings and future craftsmanship, Stargazer is still at the concept stage. Moving from plan to implementation will take time, and Venus Aerospace is estimating a prototype launch by 2025 thanks to a €33 million fundraiser, including €1 million funded by the US government. Having passed the theory, we move on to practice: the company gives itself 5 years to test the Stargazer to make sure it is reliable. As far as hypersonic seat prices are concerned, Venus Aerospace announces that it wants to offer them at the same prices as first class tickets, that’s it! On the other hand, as far as their availability is concerned, one will undoubtedly have to be very reactive…


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