How Apple Maps in iOS 16 will improve your journey

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A few changes go to the “Maps” application on iPhone this year with the launch iOS 16Apple announced at its WWDC event on Monday. New features range from high resolution images for apps like Zillow to new developer tools like making it easier to find Bird scooters and bikes.

Along with these updates, Apple said it would roll out the updated map to 11 more countries later this year. These features include bike routes and Look Around, a new 3D city experience.

New changes for Apple Maps will come with the release of iOS 16, which also includes New iPhone Messages features this can help prevent embarrassing messaging text messages.

Multistop routing coming to iPhone

If you frequently use Google Maps for features not found in Apple Maps, this may change. One major upgrade for your iPhone is called multi-stop routing. Apple says it’s one of its “most requested features.”

With this new feature, you can now schedule up to 15 stops on your iPhone. You can also start planning your trip on your Mac and send it to your iPhone when you’re ready to travel. Maps will save your previous routes in Recent therefore, they are easier to find when planning a switchover.

To get started, open the Maps app on your iPhone and enter your first destination. To add more stops, click Add stop and enter the next destination. For example, you can enter the coffee shop you want to stop at first, followed by your work address.

If you’re driving and need to add an extra stop, you can ask Siri to add it to your route. This can help prevent distractions so you can focus on the road.

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New public transport features are being added

Whether you use public transit to get to work or grab a bite to eat in the evening, Apple is adding new public transit features to make your commute more convenient. You will be able to see fares for how much your trip will cost.

You can also add a new transit card from Apple Maps to the Apple Wallet app. If your transit card balance…

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