How to prepare for a risky summer trip

Many Americans are finally enjoying their long-awaited summer vacation, even as staggering prices for gasoline, food and commodities, high hotel prices, higher airfare, and a surge in Covid-19 cases are on the way. Airports and hotels are overcrowded, and experts predict an active tourist season. But canceled flights caused by crew shortages, weather events and overbookings have left many travelers struggling this holiday weekend, and for those traveling abroad, testing positive for Covid-19 is the worst possible scenario. What to do if you are stuck in another country due to the coronavirus? And how can you be a more prepared traveler if your trip runs into trouble at any moment? And, if you haven’t already planned a trip for the summer, we’ll have some recommendations.

Don Gilbertson@DawnGilbertson) travel browser for Wall Street Magazineand Pauline Frommer@Frommers) is co-president of and editorial director of Frommer’s Guidebooks.

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Wall Street Magazine Worst-Case Guide for Summer Travel “As more Americans take vacations and business trips in the coming weeks, the travel system will be tested – and so will we.” How much has travel spending increased? Shocking Summer Travel Statistics “One of the few upsides of the pandemic has been that it has forced airlines, cruise lines, travel companies and other members of the travel industry to become more flexible with their cancellation policies. As a result, it is possible to book travel with less risk than before the pandemic.”

NPR Here’s why you can still wear masks on public transport: “Wherever you go, pay attention to how many passengers, how close they are to each other, and how well the air moves through the space. Understanding these differences can guide your personal decisions about what risks you can and cannot afford.”

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