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IDEAT Choice for Christmas 2021

Exit mirrors, lamps or pretty seatsthis Christmas list is all about gifts to give in 2021.

For perfectionists

Napkin ring – the secret to a successful table. Designer Anissa Kermish, best known for her XXL vases depicting female busts, discards another part of the body to make it a useful object. This time, logically, it is a hand frozen in ceramic, ready to welcome these napkins, which go a long way in decorating a dining room.

> Three napkin rings, £80. A stylish Christmas gift can be found at

For artists

sailor montego saint-germain

There are those who drink reddish Spritz without bothering to clarify whether they want to tint it with Aperol or Campari. And for those who ask for it in a golden version mixed with Saint Germain elderflower liqueur. This winter, multi-disciplinary artist Marin Montagut took advantage of the Saint-Germain phenomenon by redesigning the box. Collectible item.

> Box of Marin Montagu x St-Germain, €39.50. On and at Maison du Whiskey (Odeon, Paris).

For coffee lovers

coffee color packaging

Brand new firingCafé Nuances shakes up the codes of artisan coffee and stands out in an unexpected universe. If you can pop in for a takeaway coffee or enjoy a longer latte in Uchronia-designed decor, it’s a good idea to bring home a few beans. Ground or not, depending on the coffee maker, Nuances offers five exceptional coffees: Slow Dance (from Brazil), Rose des Sables (from Ethiopia), Coffee & Cigarettes (from Burundi), Wabi (from Guatemala) and Météorite (Colombia) . ). Small addition? Their cute packaging is ready to be placed at the foot of the tree.

> From 15 euros for 250 g. Cafe Nuances, 25 Rue Danielle Casanova, 75001 Paris.

For Zen lovers

Augur Sage IOM Ines Olympus Mercadier

Yoga lovers know Burning sage at home cleans the interior and drives away bad vibes. If these little dried bouquets can now be found in all wellness stores, Inés Olympia Mercadal has teamed up with Augur to create her own colorful version of the Zen par excellence set.

> Augur x IOM kit, 55 euros. For August love.

For fashionistas

passport holder

If the devil is in the details, is elegance hidden in the depths of a handbag? The French label Cery uses scrap leather from large houses to make unisex leather goods. Whether you buy a passport, a card or a coin box, each item is unique and a testament to the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship.

> Passport holder, €85. Business card holder 100 €. at

For weather vanes

holiday lab

Choosing a perfume is a difficult task.. If some have been wearing the same fragrance since adolescence, then others …

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