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In Rome, stay healthy at Palazzo Fiuggi, a trendy new destination.

Detox retreat in the Eternal City? And why not! Palazzo Fiuggi, located in the heart of Rome, attracts aesthetes who seek pleasure without sacrificing the sweet life. Discovery of the thousand-year-old thermal village and its temple of health.

Let’s face it, when it comes to escaping to Rome, we revel in advance to push the doors of gourmet addresses, ranging from trattorias to star table, we see ourselves walking for hours in this open-air museum and living – in fact – dolce vit. Without sacrificing this enticing program, today we can increase the festivities tenfold by adding a stage of well-being in the hinterland of Lazio, in Fiuggi. This thousand-year-old hillside village is a hot spring resort frequented by the circle of initiates. But not for long.

Italians have been moving here for centuries to take advantage of the healing properties of its water, the benefits of which have been recognized since the 14th century. As for the celebrities, they also spread the word by coming regularly to recharge their batteries, such as Picasso, Ingrid Bergman, King Farouk of Egypt, Silvio Berlusconi or even players from Lazio in Rome. Beautiful people used to resort to Palazzo Fiuggi, a magnificent century-old hotel that has become the “Grand Dame”. In light of the pandemic, the establishment has been transformed into a luxurious medical spa… A wellness transition worth around 32 million euros! You don’t give luxury lessons to Italians.

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At the helm of this fashion update is Sir Rocco Giovanni Forte at the head of the symbolic transalpine brand Forte (Hotel de Russie in Rome, The Balmoral in Scotland, Verdura Resort in Sicily, Hotel Astoria in St. Petersburg…). A great name at the service of ambition: to place an address in the international network of the most popular wellness centers. We rush there willingly, attracted by the promise to become the best version of ourselves during the individual stay. Perched on a hilltop overlooking an 8-hectare private park, Palazzo Fiuggi proudly displays its monumental silhouette.

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The original Belle Epoque building is remarkably well preserved, as is the clean surrounding air. This Roman “Switzerland”, meandering with waterways and green meadows, spreads a sense of calmness, calming the body and mind instantly. Water, this blue gold, is an essential element of Fiuggi: scientific studies have proven that it cleanses the body of toxins, especially beneficial for the kidneys and the immune system in general. Thus, the Palace realized the difficulty of using this divine gift. Scientific director Lorenzo Giannuzzi surrounded himself with…

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