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Incredible container house consisting of 7 modules for shipping.

In the collective unconscious, a tiny house or container house is a small house, ecological, made of wood or metal for a minimalist life… This description could be true when alternative habitats began to break into the world of construction. but today it is no longer necessary. It must be said that the cost of building an equal area with a traditional house is much lower. With container houses, it is now possible to afford large living spaces at very competitive prices. And this type of dwelling no longer necessarily means a small house, proof of this is the container “castle” located near Chicago in the United States.

Container house in Chicago

This shipping container home features masterful design and modern luxury uniquely embodied in this incredible abode built from 7 massive shipping containers. Four large blocks form the first floor, and three others located on the first floor form the top floor… One of the roofs of the lower containers is left free to create gorgeous and huge terrace which overlooks the landscape.

Photo: Jones, Partner at RE/MAX All Pro,

Inside the container house

At least we can say that this house, sold in less than three weeks, will have no shortage of space for the new owners… The rooms are huge and tastefully decorated. For example, the kitchen is very spacious, equipped with the latest technology, and has a huge central island with a meat stand to share meals and family activities. The shower, which the previous owners wanted to make Italian, is also oversized.

A container house worthy of a palace!

Let’s take a look at the living space formed by the entire ground floor: the room is huge and has a living room with two large sofas and a coffee table. You can see two modern style metal stairs; the first leads upstairs, and the second seems to come from the basement. The decoration is discreet and seems connected to the world of aeronautics with metal, gray carpeting and a magnificent triptych depicting an airplane. In the same room created a corner for children, with a small living room and a wigwam in which to hide. The living room also appears to serve as a gym, as there is an exercise bike in a prominent position.

Ground floor of container house
Photo: Jones, Partner at RE/MAX All Pro,
Kitchen in a container house
Photo: Jones, Partner at RE/MAX All Pro,

Upstairs, what does it look like?

The floor of this container house offers three large bedrooms; one room is dedicated to entertainment with a sofa and a flat screen on…

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