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Instagram: how to make your own avatar in the app?

Instagram has good news for its followers. Yes, because now you can create your own avatar.

This is a trick that many Instagram followers could love. It’s about learning how make your avatar through a social network. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

Instagram and its many tricks

No need to introduce the social network to the four corners of the globe, everyone knows Instagram. But despite the fact that millions of people use the app every day, it still keeps many secrets.

After all, not all subscribers know little tricks that exist. However, they are numerous, but few people know that they exist.

That’s why Instagram fans decided to share such a nugget. Among them you can take the hand of his news feed.

But that’s not all. Indeed, for the smartest there is an opportunity to see story anonymous. So many tricks that Instagram tries not to share with its followers.

Moreover, a few months ago, the social network added a new option. The American giant offered its subscribers, the ability to create your own avatar. Only that !

If this news was new Instagram is not the first to offer this option. Yes, because the latter is based on the same principle as in the Iphone and in the Snapchat social network.

But there is a shadow on the board. few people know how to create your avatar. So, for those who want to know how to do it, MCE TV will tell you more!

Instagram: how to create your own avatar in the app?

How to create your own avatar?

Last February announced the arrival of avatars in his application. News that, of course, delighted subscribers.

But few of them managed to create it. And yes, because the American giant did not share a tutorial to achieve this. However in a few clicks everything is ready.

So, for all those who want to create their own avatar, the following is for you. To get started you need Go to Instagram settings.

Once it’s done click in, account, then the avatar menu. Click the Start button and select templates, then click Customize.

To create the most realistic Instagram avatar possible everything can be changed. Be it hair growth, body and eye color, and accessories.

Once this is done, justclick Done then Save modifications to keep the look of your avatar. So, voila, the Instagram profile picture is saved forever.

Then it is quite possible share with friends via private messages or in Story.

In addition, Instagram offers a wide range of emotions and reactions for the avatar…

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