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[Interview] Creators around the world talk about how Samsung Lifestyle TVs inspire them – Samsung Newsroom USA

Samsung Lifestyle TVs go far beyond the traditional TV. Real decor items, they allow users to express their tastes and personality in their homes. Whether they’re looking for a TV that turns into a work of art in standby mode, a screen capable of displaying content in both portrait and landscape modes, or a model with an unrivaled design, the Lifestyle range caters to all tastes.

To learn more about how users are enjoying their Samsung TVs around the world, we’ve reached out to several creative influencers and pioneers.

Adèle & Maxime, French graphic designers who are interested in how objects fit into their interiors.

“Samsung Lifestyle TVs fit into the interior and become a design element in their own right, characterized by simplicity and elegance. »

As designers and illustrators, what do you think about the design of Samsung TVs?

This is very interesting, because once installed, they become a modern and central object in our interiors. They merge with the decor and become an independent design element, characterized by simplicity and elegance.

Samsung collaborates with artists to come up with designs for its Lifestyle TVs. What do you think of these partnerships, which combine technological innovation and artistic creativity?

The very idea of ​​involving designers in the design of everyday objects is very important to us. Technological objects can lose their simplicity and poetry due to their appearance and design. By collaborating with the creators, we can solve this problem by putting it in the reflection base.

Franco-Mexican duo of photographers and professional travel writers.

“Samsung Lifestyle TVs combine art, aesthetics, interior design and entertainment to go far beyond the mere function of a TV. It’s revolutionary. »

In addition to your professional activities, you are both known for your joint Instagram account where you share your favorite travel experiences. What do you think about TV The Serif, through which you can watch your own content and photos?

We used to hate that black screen in our living room, which is why Ambient Mode is one of our favorite features on the Serif TV. It’s great to see that Samsung regularly adds new content dedicated to this feature. But first of all, we want to highlight and reveal…

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