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Joseph Gordon-Levitt believes that social media targets “primal emotions”.

The 41-year-old actor criticized the ever-increasing influence of social media and warned that big tech companies are solely focused on making a profit.

The Hollywood star, who rose to fame as a child, told The Independent: “I mean the social media system, these machine learning algorithms that lead to sensationalism, reductionism, tribalism, extremism, authoritarianism. what they have in common with pornography is that they stimulate the limbic system. [thumps his chest].

“They don’t target the cerebral cortex, they don’t target your slow thinking muscles. They target your quick primal emotions because that’s what will keep you hooked and that’s what will allow the platform to show you more ads and do more. more money.”

The Inception star thinks social media companies are happy to push things to the limit to maximize profits.

He remarked, “It plays a role in the decision-making process at Facebook or ByteDance. [the company that owns TikTok]it is the need for constant growth at any cost.”

Joseph insists that more needs to be done to curb the potentially unhealthy influence of these platforms.

However, he admits that further changes would be doomed to failure for many tech companies.

Joseph, whose films include Don John and The Dark Knight Rises, said: “They’ll make some gestures on moderation.

“Apple is probably the company that is most trying to tone down the frills associated with some of its new technologies. But in fact, these are small steps compared to what needs to be done.

“If they did, it would mean their own demise.”


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