Kerala Tourism opens travel clubs on college campuses

Kerala Tourism has opened travel clubs on major college campuses across the state as a collective effort by the Departments of Tourism and Higher Education to ensure that students actively participate in sustainable and inclusive tourism development.

According to the Minister of Tourism P.A. Mohamed Riyas and Minister of Higher Education R. Bindu, in the first stage, tourism clubs will be established in 25 state colleges. The Department of Tourism will provide funds for the activities of the clubs. “Travel clubs will be responsible for maintaining the 25 tourist destinations and ensuring the hygiene of each facility,” Riyas said.

The Minister expressed his confidence that campus clubs will pave the way for new trends in tourism and arouse interest in travel among students.

“The plan also includes identifying future tourism professionals among students who can also help promote destinations through social media platforms. There are good bloggers among the students and their talent can be used to showcase the state’s tourist attractions to a wider audience,” he added.

The Minister of Tourism added that young people can also work as tourism guides, and cultural events and seminars will be held in conjunction with foreign universities to hone their skills. Bindu stated that this initiative will encourage students to identify new tourism products and promote the growth of the tourism sector, as well as increase students’ interest in travel and tourism.

The clubs will aim to educate the future professionals needed for the rapidly growing tourism sector, develop an international outlook among students, encourage them to actively participate in conservation and environmental activities and involve them in the search for new tourist destinations.

Also, campus clubs will help students understand the tastes and needs of tourists of our time. Club members will have a uniform that will be the same on all campuses, as well as identification cards. Certificates will be issued jointly by the Departments of Tourism and Higher Education.

The statement said that detailed guidelines for the operation of tourist clubs will be drawn up in consultation with the Department of Higher Education.

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