konkan: Boat tragedy, water sports ban hit tourism in Maharashtra’s Konkan belt | News Navi Mumbai

NAVI MUMBAI: Over 40% of bookings canceled due to water sports ban in the Konkan belt. Most beach tourism is related to water sports, but the ban has been in place since May 25 ahead of the rainy season.
Recent concerns about security breaches at Tarcarli Beach have also exacerbated the concerns of sector operators.
“The drowning security breaches and a viral social media post alleging that some tourists are abusing tourists in Konkan further hit the tourism business. The security and enforcement aspects are being reviewed by our association for stricter enforcement,” Rama said. Chopdekar, owner of water sports in Malvan.
“The closure of water sports has a direct impact on the tourism business as tourists cancel bookings. The Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB) enforces the law,” said Sahdev Salgaonkar, president of the Tarkarli Tourism Development Society.
“Tourists from Mumbai and nearby areas once arrived on the beaches of Raigada. Due to the rough seas ahead of the rainy season, MMB is suspending water sports for approximately three months,” said Prafulla Pendurkar, head of the water sports team. in Raigada.
“A group will be formed to monitor the safety of water sports on the beaches,” said K. Manju Lekshmi, a Sindhudurg collector.
The attendance of Konkan beach tourism largely depends on the overnight stay of tourists. Reservations are made by tourists traveling long distances.
Water sports are prohibited from 25 May to 31 August each year.


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