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La Ciotat, as you probably already know, is the city of petanque, and believe it or not, we found the café where the game was invented. Previously clock barHe becomes Coffee in 2015 after an artfully executed makeover. However, there is still a place where the marriage between the balls and the jack began!
Cafe Clock, which has thus survived the centuries and today stands proudly a stone’s throw from the sea, continues to enliven La Ciotat. Despite the name change, it retains its authenticity and allows residents and passers-by to eat from 7:30 to 19:00, 7 days a week, on the terrace or at the bar, on the mezzanine or in the EMMAÜS reading nook.

To continue our gastronomic momentum, we invite you to discover Café Acacia by Maison Acacia, which we fell in love with as soon as it opened. As for the House, the Akatsiya cafe has an incomparable charm. This cafe concept store offers you good coffee, sweets, decorations, crafts, food, music and good mood, all on site or takeaway. This is a pure miracle both in form and content!

Infused with a strong Mediterranean culture, La Ciotat offers addresses with a melodic accent, in particular four pop. Founded in 2021, Four Pop is a pizza restaurant that uses ONLY fresh Italian products. The program includes melting burrata, crazy antipasti, but above all wood-fired pizza.
In the same but completely different registry, we direct you to a Japanese restaurant. Shimano colors. No offense to the fans, this incredible Japanese address produces EVERYTHING but sushi. As part of Japanese-Mediterranean fusion cuisine, Passionate Japanese chef Yuichira Shimatani promises you a journey that you will remember for a long time.

Finally, for those with a sweet tooth and big fans of French pastries, this is square blackwhere gluttony is not an ugly vice to which you will have to surrender.

Guide to La Ciotat Shopping

Whether you’re a shopping fanatic or just love window shopping, it’s always good to know about the cool shops in the city you’re visiting. A story about how not to be on the streets without living souls.
There are some great shops in La Ciotat, including eco-friendly stores like What pot or Tous à l’eau, a 100% plastic-free online store.

For a clean and intense shopping experience, you can choose ready-to-wear and vintage accessories stores, such as Search my picks or, for more modern clothing in 55 Sabina, Heart or Mary’s Store if you value quality concept stores.

Leisure & water sports in La Ciotat

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