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Lidl is selling a new gas grill perfect for this summer!

Lidl introduces its new gas grill, perfect for this summer 2022! We give you more details.

encourage barbecue this summer 2022? Lidl has everything you need! MCE TV will tell you more.

The main thing in summer

At the first rays of the sun, we dream of only one thing: enjoy the good weather with our loved ones! I must say that in the summer it is difficult to resist afternoon walks in the sun.

Some people prefer walking along the beach. While others prefer to host their loved ones at home for wonderful days with family or friends.

Whatever your program, one of the key events of the summer season is undoubtedly barbecue! Gather around the good babes Grilled dishes are a must in summer.

But to grill beautiful meat, fish or vegetables, you need the right equipment. Also know that 63% of French people are over 25 say they are willing to invest in a barbecue to enjoy the summer.

What’s more, 39% of French people cook charcoal barbecues. Against 19% who chose the electric option. Finally, 14% of the population use gas barbecue. Like the one sold under the Lidl brand.

But choosing the right brazier is a task that should not be neglected. Thanks to Lidl, you can get good equipment without having to go broke ! Eh yes.

Thanks to the German brand, you can have a nice afternoon in the sun around a barbecue at a reasonable price. We will tell you more!

Lidl is selling a new gas grill perfect for this summer!

Barbecue by Lidl

Therefore, Lidl is preparing for the summer season and offers summer’s flagship product: BBQ! So this summer you can enjoy vcooking on a barbecue without big expenses.

Lidl brand chose sell barbecue a gas burner with two burners that will surely please people! Know that it has reliable starting thanks to piezo ignition.

This grill also has a shelf on each side. As well as a removable tray that can be separated from the rest of the material. Finally, know that it also has a steel handle lid with a built-in thermometer.

3 year gas grill warranty. It will be available on Lidl store shelves from Monday June 6th! Count 119 euros to offer you this most important summer. Be careful, you don’t have to hang around if you don’t want to miss out on this offer.

Thanks to Lidl, you can cook delicious meals this summer. For 80% of the respondents, cooking in barbecue is synonymous with fun.

60% of the French think barbecue is the best. And 27% believe that thanks to this device they can diversify their recipes.

Also, the barbecue…

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