Macau Tourism Boss Says New ’10+7′ Quarantine Rule Won’t Boost Tourists

Director of the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) Maria Helena de Senna Fernandez said on Tuesday that easing the 10+7 days quarantine measure at Macau hotels will not help increase the number of visitors and that Macau’s epidemic prevention policies must be consistent. with mainland China.

According to Inside the Asian GamesLast week, the government announced that from Wednesday, June 15, the mandatory hotel quarantine period for people arriving from outside the mainland will be reduced from 14 days of hotel quarantine and 7 days of self-monitoring to “10+7” days.

Speaking to media on Tuesday, Senna Fernandez said the government would closely monitor the availability of quarantined hotels, but did not believe the new rules would have a significant impact on the tourism market.

“The 10+7 day rule will not help increase the number of tourists entering Macau, since they are all separated by 10 days, but the measure will help some people who need to go back to Macau,” she said.

Some commentators have raised concerns about whether Macau’s long-term competitiveness in the tourism industry will be undermined if it remains isolated from the world while other Asian countries open up to international travel. But Senna Fernandez backed Macau’s more cautious approach, saying the gradual easing of lockdown measures would make Macau safer for its residents and preserve its image as a safe city.

“The Health Bureau will only relax segregation policy when it is deemed appropriate,” she said. “Macau’s epidemic prevention policy should be consistent with mainland China’s policy to ensure non-segregation customs clearance between Macau and mainland China.”

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