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Paramedics and police respond to reports of malfunctioning towing vehicle causing vehicle-pedestrian collision at Pilot Travel Center, St. George, Utah, June 7, 2022 | Photo by Ammon Tire, St. George News

ST. GEORGE – On Tuesday evening, an unfortunate motorist was in for an unpleasant surprise at a gas station, and it was not only the price of gasoline.

Much of Nissan’s grille and bumper damage predates Tuesday night collision, but collision with another car and its driver at a gas station didn’t improve the situation, St. George, Utah, June 7, 2022 | Photo by Ammon Tire, St. George News

An adult man who asked to remain anonymous told St. George News that he was filling up his Hyundai Ioniq at the Pilot Travel Center off Brigham Road when a sudden sound made him aware that a driverless Nissan Murano was rolling toward him at moderate speed.

George’s police officer Jace Hutchings said the Murano was being towed by a couple of men in a silver Nissan Armada. The Armada had just pulled into the Pilot parking lot with the Murano in tow, only to have their truckload unhook and head straight for the man on pump seven.

“Meanwhile, the guy is filling up with gas but is talking to his wife on the phone and leaning against the trunk, facing away,” Hutchings said. “Suddenly he hears something, and that’s when the Murano comes off the tow hitch, pins him against his car, and then knocks him over.”

Moments later, a couple of passengers traveling with the man who had just been hit stepped out of the pilot to see the immediate aftermath of the collision. According to Hutchings, they moved to help their wounded friend, while the passengers of the Armada stopped their car and rushed to put stones under the disconnected Murano.

“The call came in at 8:01 am, and at first I thought it was a tow truck — the call sounded like the car had fallen from the tow truck onto someone,” he said. “I thought, ‘This is a bad day.’ Luckily, the car pushed him away rather than pinning him down. Tomorrow his arm will hurt, but I don’t see more injuries than these.”

A loose Nissan Murano left a trail of fluid from the collision site with the Hyundai Ioniq pictured above and its driver, St. George, Utah, June 7, 2022 | Photo by Ammon Tire, St. George News

Paramedics from the Gold Cross ambulance were called to examine the injured man, but he ultimately refused to be transported to the hospital. The rear passenger wing took the brunt, and the accident only made matters worse for the already damaged Murano.

A trail of fluid marked Murano’s path from the point of impact to where he came to a stop, through the pilots’ parking area. The staff of the visitor center did everything possible to secure the car and fix the leak with the help of a tow truck…

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