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McDonald’s: student delivered an amazing McPlant!

Students ordered McDonald’s and received a strange burger with a ketamine label.

Two young students from Canada ordered from McDonald’s and received a strange burger. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

McDonald’s menu changes

In recent weeks, McDonald’s fans have witnessed some changes to the menu of their favorite fast food restaurant. Indeed, there are new products.

Last January, the yellow firm M added vegan burger to your permanent menu. It helps not to lose customers who decide to change their lifestyle. But also to attract more people.

In 2021, the network tried McPlant. And this burger vegan is a hit. Thus, today this product has the right to its place in the permanent menu of American fast food. It is currently unavailable than McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland.

Another novelty, this time fresher, end of big fried potatoes. Several countries were affected by the shortage. In January last year, it was Japan that suffered from a shortage of french fries. Indeed, these french fries come from Canada. And because of the flood, lThe portions were not the same.

So McDonald’s was forced temporarily remove large french fries from the menu. Therefore, nowadays it is difficult for fast food to satisfy everyone.

Canada is full of McDonald’s jokes. This is the case of two students who received a somewhat special order. MCE TV will tell you more!

McDonald’s: student delivered amazing McPlant!

Pretty special McPlant

Canadian students Emily Somers and her boyfriend Zach Parker told a joke. After a drunken evening, they ordered McDonald’s.

But the 21-year-olds were shocked when Emily McPlant’s burger arrived with a handwritten label that read: “Only Ketamine”.

Emily, then think that private McDonald’s may have teased her about the “one ketchup request” she made for her food.

“We were so confused. It was so random. This assumed that they mixed my burger with drugs”, she explains.

“I took everything off and checked it out because I had to check if it was tampered with. At first I took it pretty well, but then I realized that it was the mother who ordered it for the child. You can not [écrire] what. this is inappropriate”she added.

She said she never thought her McPlant actually had ketamine in it. But the label did it “alarming” and has “caused doubt” in his mind.

McDonald’s said there is ” the study “ about what happened…

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