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MEDTECH | Alain Monteux (Tunstall-Vitaris): “Through, in particular, the use of AI, we are a key player in the autonomy of tomorrow to create innovative models of healthcare and social relations.”

MEDTECH | Tunstall is a remote assistance and connected healthcare company with a mission to become the benchmark of autonomy to successfully build various innovative healthcare and social media models. Interview with Alain Monteux, President of Tunstall Vitaris.

Imagine Tunstall, what is its mission?

Alain Monteux: Tunstall is number 1 in France for remote assistance and connected healthcare, with over 185,000 subscribers to its services, i.e. 30% of the remote assistance market share. Our mission is to be a leading player in the autonomy of tomorrow, to create innovative medical and social models together in the logic of prevention and charity.

We are committed to giving the elderly and people with chronic illnesses the freedom to live independently, happily, comfortably and safely anywhere they choose. because the net player remote assistance, we manufacture our equipment, we publish our software, we integrate innovative solutions and provide services.

Tunstall offers customized, integrated and converged solutions with private label, white label or gray label.

How was the company born?

Alain Monteux: Vitaris has been present nationally since 1988, making it a pioneer in the field of remote home assistance in France. It was born from the idea of ​​its founder, who probably understood the importance of good aging at home before others, before this topic acquired the importance it has today.

Tunstall France is the result of the acquisition in 1998 of the historic company Vitaris by Tunstall Healthcare, a UK-based group founded in 1957 that is celebrating 65 years of innovation this year.

The company is now a European leader with more than 3.6 million users in 50 countries, specializing in the provision of connected technologies and services in the field of telemedicine and healthcare, including nurse calls. The company’s head office is located in Le Creusot in Saone-et-Loire (71) and the company has local offices throughout the territory.

In 2013, there were only about fifty people in Tunstall France. Today we have over 170 employees and we have over 185,000 subscribers to our services.

What are your short term goals?

Alain Monteux: Our goal is to promote remote assistance for everyone in order to:

  • Continue to develop own brand, white label or gray label partnerships,
  • Comply with our premium service quality policy, backed by certificates,
  • Promote our Cognitive Care® remote care model as a prevention solution,
  • Help the elderly keep…

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